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Employee training can be daunting. Training management solutions enable you to design, deploy, track and manage all your training needs. Typically organizations use learning management systems to help them streamline their training and talent management efforts.
The eLeaP Training management software system enables any manager or supervisor to create and deliver just-in-time training quickly. You can deploy multiple trainings for multiple job classifications with automated alerts when trainings are past due and completion certificates when training is completed.
Training Management Today – the Challenge:

Training managers today have to manually manage training for mid to large scale organizations. You have to create, schedule and manage training for different work groups and locations. Coordinating these training can be a full time job. Add to that the need for tracking and designing refresher training courses on an on-going basis and you have a truly difficult challenge.

Health, safety, compliance and ethics training are required and in some circumstances mandated by Federal authorities to meet employment law requirements. OSHA can fine you for lack of documented proof of your training requirements. Don’t get caught without documented, trackable proof of your training.
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eLeaP™ Training Management System (LMS) is a complete, secure, web-based training and e-learning solution that employs a simple, intuitive user interface. This way both technical and non-technical training managers can easily create, manage, and track interactive training courses and learning programs for all levels of users. eLeaP™ is SCORM 2004 and AICC compliant.

The eLeaP™ Training Management System & LMS is designed to fit any organization size. With it you will have the sophistication favored by big companies. Yet, you can enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a learning management system that will not overwhelm or financially drain smaller organizations.

eLeaP™ Training Management System & LMS is available and delivered online. Therefore you do not have to install complex programs, invest huge amounts in hardware and software or hire or maintain an expensive IT department. Your custom and secure e learning system can be deployed in less than 10 minutes. You can begin creating and deploying training and e-learning immediately -- at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
eLeaP™ Training Management Software LMS Quick Tour
This 2-minute Quick Overview of the eLeaP™ Learning & Training Management Platform enables you to see some of the compelling and easy to use e-learning tools and features available. The Overview Tour enables you to quickly decide if eLeaP™ warrants further evaluation using our free trial or live demonstration options.
Try eLeaP™ Free for 30 Days - No Cost Test Drive
Try the eLeaP™ Training Management Software System (LMS) free for 30 days. Request an evaluation account today. If after 30 days you decide eLeaP is not right for you, walk away. No Obligation. If you decide to use eLeaP, we have a Double Money-back Guarantee so you have no risk.
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